Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products available for wholesale?

Yes indeed! If you are a retailer and interested in carrying our products, please send us an email ( so we can discuss our terms and send you over our most recent wholesale catalog. We promise that either Meredith or James will reply to your inquiry directly within 1-2 business days. 

[Custom Prints]: I love your custom work but don't live in Richmond... could I commission a custom piece and have it shipped to me? 

Of course. We've shipped a number of custom commissioned pieces all across the U.S. We can work off of your own photographs (and sometimes even Google street view) to produce a custom print for you. Just send us an email or fill out the form on our Commissions page with your request and date you need your print delivered by and we can discuss deliverables and shipping from there. We'll let you know exactly what we may need from you in order to complete the print and always enjoy taking creative liberties when possible (see two questions down from this one). 

[Custom Prints]: Can you match my [door, shutter, siding, dog's collar, etc.] color?

We strive our absolute hardest to provide you with a print you enjoy looking at. We mix our own inks when necessary to achieve the most accurate depiction of your [door, shutter, siding, dog collar, etc.] color, but we aren't in the business of strategic color matching (though it DOES sound fun), therefore we cannot guarantee the 100% Pantone accuracy of the colors in our prints to the colors of these things in real life.

[Custom Prints]: I read your Process page and still have no idea how you create your prints but I love them and would love a custom print of my ____. I don't know how to tell you what I want it to look like and don't really care because I like your style and trust your artistic vision. Can you create this print for me based off that and my photograph I'm sending you?

Yes, absolutely. Assuming you're not filling that blank with something morally objectable, we can find a way to produce your print using our creative masterminds and skills. We actually LOVE it when you give us your subject and let us run with it in whatever ways we see best fit. We've created some really unexpectedly awesome pieces of artwork this way so don't hesitate to use the "just run with it your way" line with us - we'll be stoked to hear it. 

I live in Richmond, can I pick my order up from you to avoid shipping?

While we don't have a storefront for you to pick up from at this time, we do offer other pick up options for our fellow local Richmonders. Email us at for more information. Otherwise, proceed as usual and we'll gladly drop your order in the mail ASAP.