The Postcard Project


The postcard project is an idea that has slowly been unfolding behind the scenes of our printmaking studio. It is both a documentation and a source of inspiration for us as artists. It's a project with a hopeful and simultaneously uncharted future. Since we don't know exactly what it will wind up looking like, we don't know exactly what to call it yet, so, for now the ambiguous "Postcard Project" will suffice. 

While we typically love to feel prepared and organized and equipped with answers, for this project we are intentionally leaving the output unknown. As creatives, we are constantly tempted by the ideas that float outside of our running agendas and to-do lists. We strive to recognize them - jotting them on a sticky note or an app on our phone in the middle of a workout or meeting or shower, because we know they have meaning. Whether or not they have potential for success we never know - at least not until we pursue them - but we at least know they have a meaning of some sort, that will be revealed at some time, as long as we acknowledge them.
The Postcard Project is the manifestation of the acknowledgement of one of those ideas. 

All good in the world begins at the smallest of levels. It begins with an action and a recognition. By doing something as small as opening a door for someone, you've done something helpful, something good. By recognizing that, we are reminded that each of us has good within us, and the ability to share it with each other. The more these actions are performed and recognized, the more good they inspire and the stronger good's power becomes. 

Good is a simple concept and therefore one that can get overlooked in tumultuous times.
This project strives to celebrate good; a simple concept at its simplest level. By being generous we remind ourselves of our own good that resides within us, and by being grateful we honor the good in others. 

As a participant, all that's requested is that you fill in a postcard with something you did to help someone else, along with your location. Throw a postcard stamp (34 cents) on there (they're already addressed) and drop it in the nearest mailbox. 

As we begin to collect returned postcards, their content will influence the project's form. We're excited to see where it leads, and hope you'll stay tuned along with us for the ride. We'll be updating this page as the project evolves. 

If you'd like postcards for yourself, your business or your friends, shoot us an email and we'd be happy to get them to you: If you're in Richmond, keep your eyes peeled for them around town.