private commissions

Our sought-after commissioned pieces have been added to the private collections of clients throughout the U.S. from east coast to west coast. These one of a kind custom screen prints make for a contemporary and unique piece of art to commemorate what means the most to you, or to give as an everlasting, unforgettable gift to someone dear.

Our process for commissioned work is very similar to that of our original pieces though customized to your specific subject matter, style and color preference. Examples of our various styles can be found below. All of our commissioned screen prints are pulled by hand, one color layer at a time. The print is signed by both of us and multiple copies (each one printed by hand) can be added for a relatively small fee.

If you're interested in discussing a commission with us further, please scroll to the bottom of the page to fill out the form with a bit of information we need to move forward. We'll then be in touch with you shortly to discuss details further. We are typically booked with commissions two months out and our lead time is typically six to eight weeks, though this can vary.

If you live outside of the Richmond, VA area we can usually work off of a provided photograph and can arrange proper shipping to deliver your finished print to you safely.




Our photographic style is one of our most popular for commissioned prints as it most closely resembles your subject as seen in a typical photo. By working off of a photo and using the benefits of the screen printing process, we are able to separate the photo into individual layers - one for each color of the print - then screen print those layers in the color scheme best suited to your aesthetic, whether realistic or "Fauvist." The tricky matter of this style of print is that we are only able to work with the detail in the specific photograph used, so it must reflect everything you'd like shown and must be taken with optimal lighting and camera settings. For content in the Richmond city area, we are able to take these necessary photos ourselves. For all other areas, we can guide you in how to capture the subject best, though keep in mind that we may need to go with a different style if the photograph isn't able to capture the amount of detail that we need.


hand drawn

Our hand drawn style is very similar to the photographic except that instead of using the layers separated straight from the photo for our stencils, we hand draw each individual layer for each color of the print. This gives the finished print a softer, somewhat looser aesthetic by being able to see the artists' unique hand in the print. We still screen print the finished piece using custom mixed ink colors to your aesthetic, and still work off of a photograph to generate our drawings. With this style, we are able to "fudge" small areas of detail in order to leave out undesired elements (to an extent) or make up for detail that may get lost in the shadows of the photo. Due to the amount of time required to hand draw each layer, this style lies at the upper end of our price range.



The CMYK halftone style will certainly catch anyone's eye. Akin to the process used by commercial printers, this style consists of only four color layers: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. We work directly from a photograph, separating it into these four layers using the halftone method (a series of small dots that comprise the area of each color layer). As these dots are overlapped in consecutive order during the screen printing process they slowly build up the finished print to resemble the photograph itself. This style works best for photos that have bright pops of color, as the halftone layering of these particular four colors (CMYK) achieves a vibrance that can be hard to match with our typical custom mixed inks. From a distance, the print appears to be a photograph - it's not until it is viewed up close that you are able to decipher the halftone.


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